Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today was a new experience.

I didn't have the energy to do much of anything. I had wanted to go to school and at least get the other bulletin board painted, but realized I was mentally forcing myself to gear up for the idea. Seeing that enabled me to say no, stay home.

My cramping was bad this morning, and I took an Imodium. By 11 I realized I was prolly dehydrated, and I downed a quart of gatorade, and then filled up a bottle (old gatorade bottle) with water and aloe vera juice. I did take my morning glutamine in water too.

Around 2:30 I was feeling better, and made a lunch for myself of sardines on toast. My fiance is from Britain, and apparently they love sardines on toast there. I drained the can, put the fish (boneless, cooked) into a bowl and added garlic powder, salt and dried thyme. Mixed it all up. Smell is like that of tuna fish, don't know why I thought it would be bad, but it wasn't.

A slice of sprouted grain bread in the toaster, and when it's done add the sardine spread on top. Broil in toaster oven a few minutes.

It was good! Sardines are supposed to be good for those with UC problems. I will say I didn't immediately have to pop to the pot, which was good. I also ate the other half of the cooked peach, and later indulged in Garlic and Herb Pita Chips. I worry that food will make me ill, that I need to learn about feeding my body the right food to make it well. I know there's no guarantee for anything making me better, but I have to try.

Around 5 I got the energy to go through my closet and bag some more clothes for goodwill. I want my closet to be orderly when I start teaching next month. It'll lessen my stress.

I was supposed to get some in depth science training this week and next. I emailed the head though and canceled on account of me being "sick".

Sick just doesn't cover what it's like to live with UC.

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