Monday, July 11, 2011


So Sunday I had a horrible time, back and forth to the toilet all the day long. By 4 in the afternoon I took 2 Imodium and stopped eating and drinking.

Monday I'm good. Didn't spend hours on the pot, but didn't eat as I had places to go and things to do.

I started work in my new classroom. I'm a bit bummed that it looks like it doesn't have an ActivInspire board, just a projector. The cork in the bulletin boards were gross. The teachers here paint their boards and mine hadn't been done, so I went out to Ace and got some black. I finished one of the boards before I had to go.

I also moved the desks and bookcases and students desks (with the help of my "steel skateboard") and finally got an arrangement that I think will work for me.

Being in that room, looking at the desks, brought home the reality to me that I'm teaching something entirely new. I don't know what the year will look like, as I did for so many years at my previous school. I took a deep breath and thought "what would I do for 2nd semester of kindergarten?" Then I think of it as an extended version of that.

When I got home this afternoon I took a really ripe peach, sliced it up, and cooked it in a pan with some butter and vanilla. It didn't immediately send me to the bathroom. Yay!

I was extremely tired, from all the work combined with no food for 24 hours so I napped. Got up when Fiance came home with tilapia for me. Cooked that up for dinner with dill and lemon.

The act of chewing made me bolt to the bathroom a couple times, but after dinner I wasn't running there.

Just before bed I ate an overly ripe banana. I need to remember not to eat so close to bedtime, as it stimulates my GI tract.

All in all a good day. I felt normal, except for not eating. I wasn't hungry tho. Oh! I also got glutimate powder today and started it. 1 heaping tsp in water on an empty stomach, twice day. We'll see if it helps.

Finally heard back from my Gastro Dr. He wants to do an exam on me before prescribing prednisone, so I have a 9:45 appointment on Thursday. 

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