Friday, July 15, 2011

Sigmoidscopy Thursday

So I've been taking nicorette gum, and there's no damn difference.

I went in Thursday to get a sigmoidoscopy (lights, camera, rectum!). I've lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks and my blood pressure is up. Turns out increased bp is a side effect of nicotine.

They took some biopsies, and at the end I got to turn my head around and he showed me my insides!

It was smooth and pink with lil white ulcers. He said normally one should be able to see blood vessels, but because of the inflammation, couldnt see any. He said it looked like moderate pancolitis rather than severe.

I asked him about diets, and he said the ones that do best are "elemental". I asked what he meant by that. He meant basic, simple, unprocessed foods. Probably what macrobiotics were in the 70's.

So nicotine is out. I've always had low blood pressure and I do NOT need high bp too on top of this.

Doc put me on prednisone, told me to take calcium and vitamin D too, and report back in a week

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