Saturday, July 9, 2011

A day at the park

So today one of my former students was having a birthday party at a park, and then they were planning on an outing to a planetarium.

I dressed (used Big Girl Pampers), used the pot before I left, and tucked an extra BGP in my purse. About halfway to the park I felt the urge coming on. I pulled into a Taco Bell but didn't quite make it to the bathroom before it hit. Thank goodness for the extra, right?  While I'm embarrassed to wear them, they do provide a sense of relief that I'm not going to mess up clothing.

The park time went fine. I didn't eat at all there. There was grapes, watermelon, hummus, pita bread, chips, and of course cake. I sipped on water the whole time. Even though there was a bathroom right at the pavilion, I didn't want to start the rollercoaster of a bathroom dance with everyone there. It was weird not participating in the eating. A bit like being a non-smoker with "everyone else"  outside taking a smoke break

The rest of the events went fine, and I ate when I came home, knowing I wouldn't have to go out again.

I started on Nicorette today. There are studies that show results in UC with nicotine. There are even people talking about good results with it on the UK colitis board. So far I had 2 pieces of 2mg gum today. Doesn't make me feel any different.

I wish tomorrow were Monday so I could call my Gastro Dr and tell him how bad things have gotten since I saw him on June 30th. I left a message with his assistant's voicemail Friday but never heard back. (The doc was out of office).

Blessings count:
My fiance is being understanding about my "shitty" problem.
BGP makes traveling a little less stressful
My dogs love me
Currently I don't have to be officially back at work till August (though I'll set up my room soon)
I do have insurance
I have a roof over my head

Guess that's it for today.

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